Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good health and well being

My friend in good health and good spirits sits beside a stream which feeds Purgatory Falls.  A hot day in June, Tika availed herself of the water an dipped her doodle self four times during our walk.  I treasure moments like this!

Friday, November 30, 2012

A small lump was found just under the skin on Tika's left side.  Our vet quickly diagnosed this as a mast cell tumor, something not uncommon in dogs.  Surgery was performed to remove the growth as well as the margin area around the tumor.  Tika came through the operation ok and here is seen wearing a protective t-shirt before heading outside.

At this writing, she is still on Tramadol and Rimadyl for pain management.  Also on Cephalexin - an antibiotic.  We will get a full biopsy report in a few days.

As she recovers from surgery, and under the influence of medication, Tika is not entirely herself. We are eager and anxious for the day when she is fully back!

Last week was the Thanksgiving holiday, and on our days off we made sure include a woodland hike every day.  So, just days before surgery here is our Tika enjoying the trails.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Outdoors in every season

I doubt I would find myself out of doors as much, were it not for Tika. Indeed, several times a week I find myself along a trail in the woods somewhere near our home. Out of sight of any roads, houses or other artifacts of civilization we walk along together. Me at a regular pace and Tika sometimes following sometimes leading sometimes bolting off trail into the woods after the sound of a chipmunk. On exciting occassions we will come upon a flock of wild turkeys which Tika geefully scatters. Sometimes a deer or two - my pup will give chase but in short order the deer are out of sight. My companion returns to me and I praise her effort!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Music in the home

We introduced Tika to the sound of musical instruments quickly during the first few months. Starting out with the guitar, moving on through the banjo and then to the fiddle. I am happy to say that she tolerates all the noise I make and, sometimes, even naps peacefully by my side while I play. Today, however, Tika was a bit impatient and really would have preferred that we go out an play fetch. Halfway through the video you will see her leave the room to the right and return. She will then stare me down with a tennis ball in her mouth - which she soon drops on the floor ("thud") the better to share her thoughts with vocal entreatment.

One Year Old

In January we will celebrate our first anniversary as a family with a dog, since Tika came home at 8 weeks. She turned one year old in November and I can't imagine life without her. Part of everyone's daily routine now.
 On workdays the house wakes up at 5:30 am and by 7:30 am Tika and I are out the door for our one mile, around the block walk. Sunny days, cold days, rainy days... I think we have missed very few of these walks since September although on weekends they occur a bit later.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

10 months - how big?

At a recent vet check Tika was just about 29 lbs. She eats 1.5 cups of Solid Gold dog food mixed with assorted goodies at meal times (breakfast, dinner). During the day she often gets treats while playing fetch, or hiking or training.

Off leash hiking

Through the woods in New England. Tika is an excellent companion along these trails. She stays close by and follows our directions with the occasional excursion off trail to chase chipmunks over the many stone walls or, if she's really lucky, some wild turkeys! She has not caught up with any of these fast moving woodlanders yet. A deer crossed out path one day, about 15 yards ahead, and disappeared into the deeper woods very quickly.

I guess I would describe Tika as "trustworthy". She does have her own mind and can't resist the many interesting sniffs to be had, but I can always trust her to return to me. I will keep walking along the path while she wanders, but with a call or whistle (or two calls and two whistles) she comes running through the trees to find me.

She continues to display her agility and her athletic stamina on these hikes. Not often easy, with rocks to climb and streams to cross, Tika keeps up! Sometime a cooling dip in a pond is just the right refreshment.